PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa


Marine Works


Offshore and Jetty Construction

One of PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa's main areas of expertise is the construction of jetty and offshore infrastructure such as: bridge foundations, shore protection and break waters. These projects are considered technically difficult and challenging.

Our offshore fleet includes the following:

  • Piling barge complete with hydraulic winches, 4 points anchor and pile guide
  • Flat top barges for material transport and support role
  • Floating dredging crane barge with 8 m3 capacity grab
  • Hopper barge with 1000 m3 capacity

Combining our strong fleet of offshore equipment and over 20 years experience, we are able to offer a complete solution to your offshore and jetty construction requirements. PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is able to provide dredging solution, utilising our grab dredging and hopper barge.