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Pile Jacking

Another method of driving piles into the ground is the Pile Jacking method. This method employs a hydraulic clamp in which the pile is completely 'jacked' into the ground by using static force. This method has many advantages over the bore pile and conventional piling methods:

  • There is no noise, vibration and pollution
  • The project is left in a tidy and clean state
  • It is much more efficient than any other pile driving method
  • Quality is guaranteed as the driving process is similiar to that of a test pile

Pile Jacking is suitable for sensitive project sites such as within heavily urbanised areas (e.g. Jakarta City Centre) and in sites where existing buildings or utilities present a problem for other pile driving methods.

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is introducing Pile Jacking Equipment with up to 800 tons end bearing capacity. The machine is able to pile up to 600 mm diameter pre-cast piles. Please contact us if you require more information