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PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa was incorporated in 1984 specialising in foundation, ground improvement, jetty construction, heavy lift and crane rental. It was founded by John Tanuwijaya, the current managing director. Currently, PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is the leading company in Indonesia in all of the core competencies aforementioned, backed by 20 over years experience gained from working in some of the most technically challenging projects.

The Foundation and Ground Improvement Division is renowned for its innovation. Our company had previously introduced new technologies and new work method to the Indonesian market, and continually to do so in order to remain competitive and to stay in the fore front of the Construction industry.

Jetty Construction Division has participated in many of the prestigious projects in Indonesia. Our Company owned a complete fleet to perform all work from start to finish, from the foundation/piling, to civil work and dredging. Using our large capacity crane and barge, we are able to perform offshore heavy lifting project as well.

Our Heavy Lift Division is currently the largest in Indonesia with multiple units of Crawler Crane with the largest capacity of 600 tons and above with luffing jib and Superlift up to 800 Tons. Through our partner overseas, we can also provide Cranes, both Mobile and Crawler with capacity up to 1,600 tons. Our crane fleet also include various cranes ranging from 7 tons to 600 tons, which is available for rental or erection project.

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is able to perform any kind of work, from service only subcontracting to turnkey engineering, procurement and construction (EPC) contracts. PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa's geographic scope lies mainly within Indonesia and South East Asia.

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa fully committed fully to Quality and Health Safety and Environment (QHSE). Our goal is to create an accident and incident free workplace where we can deliver high quality work, on time and on budget to the client.

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driven piles

Driven Piles

One of most common foundation types is driven pile. The piles are usually manufactured, then driven into the soil by one of the following types of equipment:

• Diesel Hammer
• Hydraulic Hammer

When noise and vibration do not present a problem to the surrounding area, driven pile is possibly the best solution for your foundation needs. It is also the most common method for offshore construction projects.

The material and dimension of driven pile are as follow:

• Steel Pipe Pile with a diameter of 300 mm to 2 m and above
• Concrete Square Pile with various dimensions
• Spun Pile or Pre Cast Pile with a diameter of 150 mm to 1 m and above

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa has a proven record of performing driven pile projects, from mini piles to large diameter Pre cast pile and steel pipe pile, both onshore and offshore. We have a complete range of diesel and hydraulic hammers to suit your pile driving requirements.

bored piles

Bored Piles

A Bored Pile foundation is constructed by excavating or drilling soil, installing reinforcement steel bars and filling the drill hole with concrete material to form a pile. This method is also referred to as cast in situ method.

In general, this type of foundation is applied in areas where vibration and noise are not permitted such as in densely populated areas and in locations where there are many existing structures. This method is also applicable in conditions where driven pile is not able to penetrate hard layers or rocks within the soil strata.

The method commonly used for the execution of bored pile are:

• Temporary Casing (full or partial)
• Bentonite Slurry

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa has full a set of equipment to perform any kind of bored pile project. Our strong line of both mechanical and hydraulic drilling rigs are also complemented by auxiliary equipment such as vibratory hammers and bentonite plants, in order to provide our client with a complete and cost effective bored pile solution.

pile jacking

Pile Jacking

Another method of driving piles into the ground is the Pile Jacking method. This method employs a hydraulic clamp in which the pile is completely 'jacked' into the ground by using static force. This method has many advantages over the bore pile and conventional piling methods:

• There is no noise, vibration and pollution
• The project is left in a tidy and clean state
• It is much more efficient than any other pile driving method
• Quality is guaranteed as the driving process is similiar to that of a test pile

Pile Jacking is suitable for sensitive project sites such as within heavily urbanised areas (e.g. Jakarta City Centre) and in sites where existing buildings or utilities present a problem for other pile driving methods.

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is introducing Pile Jacking Equipment with up to 800 tons end bearing capacity. The machine is able to pile up to 600 mm diameter pre-cast piles. Please contact us if you require more information

micro piles

Micro Piles

Micro Piles is an advanced and delicate foundation technique which is particularly suitable in restricted area and limited space or where there are many existing structures, which prohibit conventional foundation technique.

Despite their small size (only 15 to 25 cm in diameter), micro piles are able to carry load up to 100 tons. They consist of steel bearing element which is placed into small diameter borehole and is later bonded to the ground by high pressure cement grouting carried out in several stages.

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa in the past has successfully implemented micro piles project in various projects with great success.

diaphragm walls

Diaphragm Walls

A Diaphragm Wall is a reinforced concrete retaining wall constructed at existing ground level and before bulk excavation. It is water tight and extremely stiff, and hence minimises any disturbance to the surroundings. It can also withstand high vertical load, and thus also function as a foundation. Diaphragm wall construction is an ideal method for construction of basements, dams, underpasses and tunnels among others.

Construction of diaphragm walls can be achieved through one of the following methods:

• Cast in situ method

• Pre cast method

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa, with its extensive equipment and years of experience is able to provide their clients with a quality and cost effective diaphragm wall solution for any kind of construction requirement.

ground anchor

Ground Anchor

Ground Anchor and Tie Rod/Waler are types of construction methods which are always used in conjunction with other type of construction methods. It can be utilised to provide extra strength for retaining wall type foundations or to provide extra tension capacity on conventional piles.

Once ground anchor is installed, tension process using hydraulic jack is then employed. PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa has a complete solution package for providing materials for and installation of ground anchor and tie rod constructions to meet various client needs.

sheet piles

Sheet Piles

Sheet Piling is one type of construction method which is used for retaining wall purposes. The installation of sheet pile is usually done using vibratory hammer. The sheet pile is vibrated into the ground to the desired depth. Sometimes, depending on the soil type and the depth, sheet piles can also be installed using a piling hammers.

The main purposes of sheet pile construction are for shore protection and erosion prevention. It is also applicable for basement construction or as cofferdam.The most common material utilised for sheet piles are:

• Steel Sheet Pile
• Corrugated Concrete Sheet Pile (CCSP)

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa has a large range of vibratory hammers and piling hammers to perform any kind of sheet piling duties. Combined with our extensive line up of cranes and offshore equipment, PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is able to perform any kind of sheet piling project, whether onshore or offshore.

loading test

Loading Test

A loading test on pile foundations used to devise whether the loading of the pile is aligned with the initial design. There are many methods in which to conduct loading test. PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is able to propose and advise the most efficient and technically sound method.

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa has extensive experience and equipment to perform any type of loading test as required by our client, whether it be axial, lateral, compression or tension. We perform the test under the strictest condition in order to ensure the accuracy and reliability of the results.

vibro floatation & stone columns

Vibro Floatation & Stone Columns

Vibro floatation is commonly used to compact cohesionless soil, increasing its angle of internal friction, relative density and the elastic modulus of soil; thus increasing the shear strength.

A variation of vibro floatation method is to use gravel, which is then compacted to form stone columns. This method is utilised in soil with very low shear strength. In sandy soil conditions, vibro floatation and stone columns are ideal to prevent liquefaction in the event of earthquake.

With PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa's extensive expertise on soil mechanics and our fleet of equipment, we are able to advise and provide solutions for any kind of soil improvement problems.

vertical drain

Vertical Drain

Vertical Drain is a construction method which accelerate the consolidation process of compressible cohesive soil, by draining the underground water vertically to ground level.

Vertical drain is a common method to be applied to new reclamation areas. The consolidation process can be expedited from years to only months, enabling the site to be faster developed.

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa provides a complete and cost effective Vertical drain program to satisfy client needs.

offshore and jetty construction

Offshore And Jetty Construction

One of PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa's main areas of expertise is the construction of jetty and offshore infrastructure such as: bridge foundations, shore protection and break waters. These projects are considered technically difficult and challenging.

Our offshore fleet includes the following:

• Piling barge complete with hydraulic winches, 4 points anchor and pile guide
• Flat top barges for material transport and support role
• Floating dredging crane barge with 8 m3 capacity grab
• Hopper barge with 1000 m3 capacity

Combining our strong fleet of offshore equipment and over 20 years experience, we are able to offer a complete solution to your offshore and jetty construction requirements. PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is able to provide dredging solution, utilising our grab dredging and hopper barge.

marine lifting

Marine Lifting

Combining our large crane fleet and our barges, we are able to provide a unique solution that is Marine and Offshore Lifting.  This kind of work requires a very highly technical knowledge and experience, not too mention the safety aspect.  There are many other factors to consider in comparison with lifting on the ground.

• Our current fleet includes:
• Crawler Crane 450 Ton on 230 feet Flat Top Barge
• Crawler Crane 300 Ton Superlift on 230 feet Flat Top Barge
• Crawler Crane 250 Ton on 180 feet Flat Top Barge
• Crawler Crane 150 Ton on 180 feet Flat Top Barge

Examples of Marine Lifting is installation of Coal Unloader and Harbour Crane, where a large capacity required but there are no access for the crane from the land.

heavy lift erection

Heavy Lift Erection

Introducing, our newest addition to our heavy lift and rental. 600 ton Crane Demag CC2800-1 Year 2012 with 84m Boom and 84m Luffing Jib c/w Superlift

In any type of construction, whether it be a factory, power plant or any type of infrastructure, there are times when a lifting equipment is required to lift a very heavy load or to lift the load to a certain height and radius.

Our heavy lift line up include cranes with capacity from 100 tons up to 1,600 tons to cater for any kind of liting requirements. PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa currently has the largest heavy lift fleet in Indonesia, with multiple units of Crawler Cranes with capacity of 600 tons, 500 tons, 450 ton and other, up to maximum of 800 tons with Superlift.  All of these cranes come complete with Luffing Jibs.

Through our partner overseas, we can also provide Crawler and Mobile Cranes with capacity up to 1,600 tons. We are continuously upgrading our fleet to include the newest and most technologically advanced cranes in the market.

With our expertise and experience in heavy lift, PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa will able to work with you to analyse your requirements and present the most cost effective solution for your needs. Of course, safety is always our number one consideration in performing any kind of lifting operation.

crane rentals

Crane Rentals

Introducing, our newest addition to our heavy lift and rental. 600 ton Crane Demag CC2800-1 Year 2012 with 84m Boom and 84m Luffing Jib c/w Superlift

PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa has a strong line up of cranes with capacities ranging from 5 tons to 1,600 tons, which consist of different models: crawler crane, truck crane and rough terrain crane. All of our cranes have the permit (SIO) from Depnaker and most of our cranes are Migas (Oil and Gas) Certified. All of our operators are fully qualified with years of experience and relevant certifications.

We also adding new equipment such as manlifts, welding machines, generator set, wheel loader for rent.

With our complete range of cranes and other equipment, PT. Berdikari Pondasi Perkasa is able to cater for any kind of crane rental. Please feel free to contact us with your requirement.

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Project Contractor Location Date Year
Access Road Toll Tanjung Priok Tobishima - Wika JO Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Jan, 1970 1970
Bank Danamon Kali Raya Jaya JO Semarang Nov, 1996 1996
Bank Indonesia Office Building PT. Adhi Karya Pekan Baru Nov, 1996 1996
Blue Sky Project PT. Rekayasa Industri Balongan, West Java Aug, 2003 2003
Bonna Pipe Installation PT. Rekayasa Industri East Kalimantan Jul, 2005 2005
Cabot Plant PT. Cabot Indonesia Cilegon, West Java Nov, 2013 2013
EPC Tarahan Port Expansion Phase 5 PT. Krakatau Engineering Tarahan, Lampung May, 2012 2012
Galeria PT. Duta Graha Indah Yogyakarta Nov, 1993 1993
Gas and Hydrogen Recovery System PT. Inti Karya Persada Teknik Balikpapan Mar, 2004 2004
Gedung DPR PT. Adhi Karya Jakarta Jan, 1994 1994
Gold Coast Mixed Use Development PT. Multi Artha Pratama Pantai Indah Kapuk, Jakarta Aug, 2014 2014
Golden Hotel PT. Nusa Raya Cipta Jakarta Nov, 1994 1994
Grand Simprug Aparment PT. Indah Mega Santoso Jakarta Jan, 1995 1995
Indobarat PT. Indokonstruksi Prima Mandiri Purwakarta, East Java Aug, 2005 2005
Jagat Office Building PT. Total Bangun Persada Jakarta Oct, 2014 2014
Jakarta MRT Project Tokyu - Wika Joint Operation Fatmawati, Lebak Bulus Apr, 2015 2015
Jakarta MRT Project SMCC - HK JO Dukuh Atas Apr, 2015 2015
Jalan Layang Kap Tendean - Blok M - Ciledug PT. Hutama Karya Kapten Tendean, Jakarta Feb, 2015 2015
Jatigede Sumedang Dam PT. Permatawira Nirwana Sumedang, West Java May, 2013 2013
KA Double Track Semarang - Bojonegoro PT. Wijaya Karya Semarang, Central Java Jun, 2012 2012
Kaltim - 4 PT. Rekayasa Industri Bontang, East Kalimantan Nov, 2000 2000
Kantor Departemen Penerangan PT. Duta Graha Indah Jakarta Jan, 1996 1996
KKP Office Building PT. Hutama Karya Jakarta Jul, 2013 2013
Kunitha Plaza Building PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Jakarta Jun, 1994 1994
Lippo Village PT. Nusa Raya Cipta Tanggerang Dec, 1994 1994
Manado Airport PT. Adhi Karya (Persero) Manado May, 1997 1997
Museum Nasional PT. Wijaya Kusuma Contractor Jakarta Nov, 1996 1996
New Coal Mill Tonasa IV PT. Semen Tonasa Tonasa, South Sulawesi Sep, 2013 2013
Nikko Hotel PT Wijaya Kusuma Contractor Bali Apr, 1994 1994
P14 Indocement Plant PT. Truba Jaya Engineering Citereup, West Java May, 2014 2014
Patra Graha Building PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Jakarta Oct, 1997 1997
Perum Perhutani PT. Waskita Karya Semarang Sep, 1994 1994
PLTA Musi Shimizu Maeda Bangun Cipta JO Bengkulu Jul, 1997 1997
PLTU Suralaya PT. Rekayasa Industri Suralaya, West Java Jan, 2008 2008
Prasada Sasana Karya Building PT. Jaya Konstruksi Jakarta Jul, 2005 2005
PT. Lautan Luas head office PT. PP.Taisei Indonesia Constructio Jakarta Feb, 1997 1997
PT. Semen Nusantara PT. Hanjung Indonesia Cilacap Mar, 1995 1995
RCTI Studio Building PT. Budi Agung Wibawa Jakarta Jun, 1997 1997
Science Centre Taman Mini PT. Wijaya Kusuma Contractor Jakarta Feb, 1994 1994
Semen Padang Indarung VI PT. Nindya Karya Padang, West Sumatera Mar, 2015 2015
Semen Tuban II PT. Swadaya Graha Tuban Jan, 1995 1995
Sengkang LNG Plant PT. Slipform Indonesia Sengkang, South Sulawesi Aug, 2012 2012
Sepinggan Balikpapan Airport KSO Jakon - Istaka Karya Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Dec, 2012 2012
Siloam Hospital Ambon Lippo Karawaci Group Ambon May, 2015 2015
Sodetan Kali Ciliwung PT. Wijaya Karya Ciliwung, Jakarta May, 2014 2014
St Moritz Panakukang Mixed Development Lippo Karawaci Group Panakukang, South Sulawesi Mar, 2014 2014
Tarahan Port Expansion Phase 5 PT. Krakatau Engineering Tarahan, Lampung Mar, 2013 2013
Toll JORR W2 Utara Seksi 2 PT. Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama Jakarta Jul, 2014 2014
Toll Road Cinere - Jagorawi PT. Hutama Karya Jakarta Sep, 2014 2014
Tonasa IV PT. Semen Tonasa Ujung Pandang Dec, 1994 1994
Tugu Pratama Building PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Jakarta Jun, 1995 1995
UBS3 & CS Pupuk Kaltim PT. Truba Jurong Engineering Bontang, East Kalimantan Apr, 2001 2001
Underpass Bintaro PT. Jaya Konstruksi Manggala Pratama Bintaro, Jakarta Feb, 2013 2013
Underpass Manggarai Kumagai Jakarta Feb, 1995 1995
Vertical Mill Semen Indonesia PT. Nindya Karya Tuban, East Java Feb, 2012 2012
Wayang Windu Geothermal Power PT. Rekayasa Industri Pengalengan, West Java Jun, 1998 1998
Wisma Dharmala PT. Duta Graha Indah Jakarta Apr, 1994 1994
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Project Contractor Location Date Year
CRM - CTM Cilegon PT. Krakatau Engineering Merak Oct, 1997 1997
Quay Wall Rehabilitation - PT. PAL PT. Wijaya Karya Surabaya May, 1986 1986
Transmission Tower PT. Wijati Aji Purwodadi May, 1991 1991
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Estuari Dam PT. Wijaya Karya Bali May, 1994 1994
Graha Utomo PT. Waskita Karya Jakarta Mar, 2005 2005
Revamping of Tandem Cold Mill CRM PT. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon Apr, 1997 1997
Underpass Bintaro Jaya PT. Jaya Konstruksi Jakarta Mar, 2005 2005
Underpass Kebayoran Lama PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Jakarta Feb, 2007 2007
Underpass Pasar Minggu PT. Waskita Karya Jakarta Sep, 2005 2005
Underpass Senen PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Jakarta Apr, 2004 2004
Underpass Tomang PT. Jaya Konstruksi Jakarta Mar, 2004 2004
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Canal Phase I & II - Koja PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Jakarta May, 1990 1990
Dermaga Terminal Petikemas Koja PT. Indonesia Nihon Seima Tanjung Priok, Jakarta Jan, 1997 1997
Pantai Mutiara PT. RSCEA Pluit, Jakarta Feb, 1992 1992
Pantai Mutiara PT. Linsi Perkasa Makmur Jakarta Jan, 1994 1994
Pantai Mutiara PT. Linsi Perkasa Makmur Jakarta Jan, 1994 1994
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Chandra Asri Project Toyo Engineering Korea Limited Anyer, Banten Feb, 2012 2012
Gedung DPRD Medan PT Jaya Konstruksi Medan May, 2009 2009
Gedung Yayasan Budha Amithaba Yayasan Budha Amithaba Jakarta Sep, 2007 2007
L-Project Pertamina SK Engineering and Construction Dumai, Riau Nov, 2006 2006
Ngurah Rai Bali Airport KSO Adhi Wika Ngurah Rai, Bali Jan, 2012 2012
Pengelolaan Limbah Cair RU III PT. Hutama Karya Plaju, Palembang Apr, 2012 2012
Rusunawa Tower B PT. Hutama Karya Jatinegara, Jakarta Jan, 2014 2014
Soekarno Hatta Airport Extension JO. Kawahapejaya Indonesia Jakarta Apr, 2015 2015
Sultan Mahmud Badaruddin II PT. Hutama Karya Palembang Jul, 2012 2012
Toll JORR W1 PT. Marga Sarana Jakarta Feb, 2013 2013
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Ancol Barat PT. Pembangunan Jaya Ancol Jakarta Feb, 2006 2006
Breakwater Pondok Dayung PT. Wijaya Karya Pondok Dayung, Jakarta Jan, 1970 1970
CAR Terminal Kali Baru PT. Wijaya Karya Kali Baru, Jakarta Jan, 2012 2012
Coal Unloading Jetty PLTU Barru HYPEC Barru South Sulawesi Apr, 2010 2010
Coal Unloading Jetty PLTU Labuan Angin CMEC Sibolga, North Sumatera Apr, 2006 2006
Coal Unloading Jetty PLTU Rembang JO. Zelan Priamanaya Rembang, Central Java Mar, 2008 2008
Dermaga Curah Teluk Lamong PT. Hutama Karya Teluk Lamong, East Java Dec, 2014 2014
Dermaga Ex Presiden PT. Hutama Karya Tj Priok, Jakarta Aug, 2012 2012
Dermaga Penyebrangan PT. Dikatama Adidaya Merak IV Dec, 1996 1996
EPC Port Expansion Phase 5 PT. Krakatau Engineering Tarahan, Lampung Feb, 2014 2014
FPSO Quaywall PT. McDermott Indonesia Batam Island Aug, 2002 2002
Jembatan Batu Rusa PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Batu Rusa May, 2013 2013
Jembatan Pulau Bintan PT. Wijaya Karya Pulau Dompak Dec, 2014 2014
Jetty 64, RFCC Pertamina PT. Panca Duta Perkasa Cilacap, Central Java Oct, 2012 2012
Kali Angke River Normalisation PT. Jaya Konstruksi Jakarta Mar, 2004 2004
Kali Item Normalisation Project PT. Waskita Karya Kali Item, Kemayoran Oct, 2004 2004
Kutai Kertanegara Bridge PT. Hutama Karya Tenggarong, East Kalimantan May, 2013 2013
Lamongan Shorebase PT. Eastern Logistic Lamongan, East Java Nov, 2013 2013
Muara Base New Jetty Mashhor General Contractor Sdn Bhd Brunei Darussalam Mar, 2005 2005
Pelabuah Terminal Nickel PT. Hutama Karya Tuban, East Java Oct, 2013 2013
Pelabuhan ASDP PT. Perkasa Jaya Inti Persada Lamongan, East Java May, 2006 2006
Pelindo II, Teluk Bayur PT. Pembangunan Perumahan Teluk Bayur Mar, 2013 2013
Shore Protection Pulau Kumala Tenggarong PT. Wijaya Karya East Kalimantan Jul, 2002 2002
Siak Bridge PT. Hutama Karya Riau Jul, 2003 2003
SMOE Jetty Kabil PT. Hutama Karya Batam Island Apr, 2003 2003
Suramadu Bridge Adhi Waskita JO Madura, East Java Mar, 2007 2007
Trestle Terminal Pelabuhan Manyar PT. Hutama Karya Manyar, Gresik Feb, 2014 2014
Upgrade Fasilitas Penimbunan Gasoline PT. Wijaya Karya Tanjung Uban Apr, 2015 2015
Water Intake PLTU Kariangau PT. Panca Duta Perkasa Balikpapan, East Kalimantan Oct, 2013 2013
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Project Contractor Location Date Year
3x18 Power Plant Crane 160 Ton PT. Citra Kusuma Perdana Tanjung Bara, East Kalimantan Dec, 2014 2014
3x18 Power Plant Crane 275 Ton PT. Punj Llyod Indonesia Tanjung Bara, East Kalimantan Aug, 2013 2013
Asahi Mas Mechanical Erection Crane 450 Ton PT. Swadaya Graha Cilegon, West Java Jun, 2015 2015
Barito Bridge Phase V PT. Adhi Karya South Kalimantan Aug, 1996 1996
Blast Furnace Krakatau Steel Crane 400 & 250 Ton PT. Krakatau Engineering Cilegon, West Java Jan, 2015 2015
Coldboxes Crane 450, 250 and 150 Ton PT. Slipform Indonesia Sengkang, South Sulawesi Aug, 2014 2014
Conveyor Replacement Crane 160 Ton Kaltim Prima Coal Sangatta, East Kalimantan Sep, 2014 2014
Erection Pertamina Balongan Unit 6 PT. Krakatau Engineering Balongan Oct, 2009 2009
Fuel Gas Conditioning Unit CNOOC Pabelokan Island Dec, 2002 2002
Holcim Kiln Replaement Crane 600 Ton Holcim Cilacap, Central Java Jan, 2015 2015
Holcim Tubafa Crane 250 Ton PT. Truba Jaya Engineering Tuban, East Java Jul, 2014 2014
Indocement P10 Crane 450 Ton PT. Wijaya Karya Cirebon, West Java Mar, 2012 2012
Kiln Replacement Crane 500 Ton PT. Semen Padang Padang, West Sumatera Jun, 2013 2013
Nestle Factory Turn Around PT. SDv Logistic Karawang Timur, West Java Jun, 2015 2015
Non Crucible ESF-4 Crane 300 Ton PT. Wijaya Karya Pomalaa, Sulawesi May, 2014 2014
OKI Pulp and Paper PT. Guang Dong Energy Oki, South Sumatera Apr, 2015 2015
Paiton Power Plant Crane 250 Ton PT. Truba Jaya Engineering Paiton, East Java Mar, 2011 2011
Pertamina Sorong Crane 500 Ton PT. Cipta Krida Bahari Sorong, Papua Mar, 2012 2012
PGR PT. Chiyoda International Indonesia Bontang, East Kalimantan Nov, 2000 2000
POSCO Factory Crane 250 Ton Tiger Corporation Cilegon, West Java Feb, 2012 2012
Precast Concrete Unit Crane 275 Ton PT. Bam Decorient Indonesia Cilegon, West Java Aug, 2010 2010
Reaction RFCC Pertamina Sungai Gerong PT. Sekawan Kontrindo Palembang, South Sumatera May, 2003 2003
RFCC Pertamina Crane 400 and 250 Ton Sarens NV Cilacap, Central Java Oct, 2014 2014
Samator Gas Plant Crane 450 Ton Inti Gama Samudra Pulogadung Apr, 2010 2010
Semen Indonesia Rembang Crane 450 Ton PT. Swadaya Graha Rembang, Central Java Sep, 2015 2015
Semen Indonesia Tuban IV Crane 250 Ton PT. Swadaya Graha Tuban, East Java Mar, 2011 2011
Sky Tower Kumala Island Tenggarong Kutai Kartanegara East Kalimantan Dec, 2001 2001
Stack, Foundation & Structure Crane 250 Ton PT. Semen Indonesia Tuban, East Java Jan, 2014 2014
Suspension Bridge Mahakam II Tenggarong PT, Hutama Karya East Kalimantan May, 1999 1999
Teluk Naga Coal Fired Power Plant Crane 500 Ton PT. Timas Suplindo Teluk Naga, West Java Apr, 2010 2010
Turn Around Pertamina Plant Crane 250 Ton Pertamina Balikpapan Balikpapan Aug, 2010 2010
Upgrading Tonasa IV & V Crane 250 and 150 Ton PT. Semen Tonasa Tonasa, South Sulawesi May, 2015 2015
Project Contractor Location Date Year
Antam Smelter Line 4 PT. Wijaya Karya Pomalaa, Sulawesi Feb, 2015 2015
Asahimas Chemical Takada - Duta Waskita Baja Ciwandan, West Java Oct, 1999 1999
Balambano Dam Astaldi - Thiess Joint Operation Soroako, Irian Jaya Jan, 1970 1970
Bontang Project PT. Inti Karya Persada Teknik Bontang, East Kalimantan Dec, 2012 2012
Candra Asri PT. Takada Duta Waskita Karya Anyer, West Java Feb, 2006 2006
Cement Mill PT. Semen Padang Dumai, Riau Apr, 2014 2014
Chandra Asri Project Toyo Engineering Korea Cilegon, West Java Feb, 2012 2012
Cikarang General Electric Cikarang, West Java May, 2006 2006
Coal Unloading System PT. Semen Tonasa Tonasa, South Sulawesi Mar, 2014 2014
Crane Rental 450 Ton General Electric Palembang, South Sumatera May, 2004 2004
Gas Development Donggi Senoro PT. Rekayasa Industri Donggi Senoro, Sulawesi Jan, 2015 2015
Gas Development Matindok Wika Technip Consortium Matindok, Sulawesi Mar, 2015 2015
Handil II PT. McConnel Dowel Indonesia East Kalimantan Oct, 2001 2001
Holcim Tuban Project PT. Balfour Beatty Sakti Tuban, East Java Nov, 2012 2012
Inco Project PT. Truba Jurong Engineering Soroako, South Sulawesi Jan, 2006 2006
Inco Project PT. Inco Soroako, South Sulawesi May, 2006 2006
Inco Project PT. Truba Jaya Engineering Soroako, Sulawesi Mar, 2015 2015
Indocement Project PT. Danwo Steel Sejati Cibinong, West Java Aug, 2006 2006
Indokodeco Cement Plant PT. Wasa Mitra Engineering Tarjun, Batu Licin May, 1997 1997
Kaltim Prima Coal Power Plant PT. Cipta Kusuma Perdana Sangatta, East Kalimantan Jan, 2015 2015
Lamongan Shoreabase PT. Eastern Logistic Lamongan Nov, 2013 2013
Oil and Gas Module Fabrication PT. Gunanusa Utama Fabricator Cilegon May, 2006 2006
P14 Indocement Project PT. Swdaya Graha Citereup, West Java Mar, 2015 2015
Peciko III - Total Fina Elf PT. Promits Senipah, East Kalimantan Jul, 2003 2003
Petrokimia Gresik PT, Srijasa Brika Perkasa Gresik Aug, 2005 2005
PKT-2 Bontang PT. Kelsri Bontang, East Kalimantan Mar, 2004 2004
PLTU Cilacap PT. Truba Jurong Engineering Cilacap, Central Java Nov, 2004 2004
PLTU Cilegon PT. Truba Jurong Engineering Cilegon Feb, 2005 2005
PLTU Labuan PT. Truba Jurong Engineering Banten, West Java Jan, 2008 2008
PLTU Labuan Angin CMEC Sibolga, North Sumatera Jun, 2007 2007
PLTU Pasuruan PT. Truba Jurong Engineering Pasuruan Jan, 1995 1995
PLTU Rembang JO. Zelan Priamanaya Rembang, Central Java Oct, 2008 2008
Pluit Mega Mall PP-Taisei Indonesia Construction Jakarta Nov, 1995 1995
Popka Conveyor PT. Yasa Industri Nusantara Bontang, East Kalimantan Jun, 2001 2001
Posco Factory PT. Gemilang Karya Mandiri Cilegon, West Java Feb, 2013 2013
Prabu Mulih Ballast-Thiess Joint Operation Palembang May, 1998 1998
Prampas PT. Mitra Global Perkasa East Kalimantan Mar, 2005 2005
Pulp Factory PT. Kiani Kertas Mangkajang May, 2004 2004
Pupuk Kujang PT. Kelsri Cikampek, West Java Aug, 2004 2004
Rental Crane Waka-JSI Joint Operation Ujung Pandang Oct, 1995 1995
Rental Crane PT. United Engineers Indonesia Cilacap Jul, 1996 1996
Rental Crane PT. Catur Yasa Balongan Aug, 1996 1996
Rental Crane PT. Megarimba Karyatama Palembang Sep, 1996 1996
Rental Crane PT. Wasa Mitra Engineering Muara Tawar Oct, 1996 1996
RFQC Fabrication PT. Hanjung Indonesia Lampung Oct, 2006 2006
Semen Bosowa Sinomach/Sinocon Bosowa, South Sulawesi Jan, 2015 2015
Semen Indonesia Rembang Plant PT. Semen Indonesia Rembang, Central Java Aug, 2015 2015
Semen Padang PT. Bukaka Teknik Utama West Sumatera Aug, 1997 1997
Senipah PT. Punj Llyod Indonesia Senipah, East Kalimantan Feb, 2004 2004
Senoro Gas Development PT. Tripatra Senoro, Sulawesi Oct, 2014 2014
Soekarno Hatta Airport KSO Kawahapejaya Jakarta Sep, 2013 2013
Styrindo Monon Indonesia PT. Sankyu Indonesia International Suralaya, West Java Jul, 2001 2001
Tanggari II Hydro Electric Power Plant Noell Gmbh Manado Mar, 1997 1997
Tanjung Tabalong Power Plant PT. Punj Llyod Indonesia Tanjung Tabalong, South Kalimantan May, 2012 2012
Tonasa IV PT. Semen Tonasa South Sulawesi Jul, 1996 1996
TPPI Tuban PT. McDermott Indonesia Tuban, East Java Sep, 2006 2006
Train E&F PT. Badak LNG PT. Rekayas Industri Badak, East Kalimantan Sep, 1998 1998
Tuban Project PT. McConnel Dowel Indonesia Tuban, East Java May, 2012 2012
Tunu Development PT. Punj Llyod Indonesia Samarinda Jun, 2000 2000
Turn Around Kaltim - I PT. Pupuk Kaltim Bontang, East Kalimantan Apr, 2001 2001
Ulubelu Geothermal Power Plant PT. Rekayasa Industri Ulubelu, Lampung Jan, 2012 2012
Unocal CO2 Removal PT. Kali Raya Sari Balikpapan Aug, 2001 2001
Wayang Windu Geothermal Plant PT. Rekayas Industri Pengalengan, West Java Nov, 1998 1998
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